The first
Hungarian cryptocurrency

MicroCoin is a peer-to-peer Internet currency that enables instant, near-zero cost payments to anyone in the world.

Developed for real world applications!

MicroCoin was developed for real world applications. The whole project is free and Open Source. You can use it for free or modify anything what you want. Feel free to join us, or get started with our Wallet.



Not premined

MicroCoin was a 100% fair launch without any pre-mine, ICO or investment rounds.


MicroCoin network can execute 70000 transactions in one second. It can be safely used for micropayments and real applications.


Because the unique technology, MicroCoin is the one of the safest cryptocurrency in the world.


MicroCoin offers simple account numbers, what easy to remember. The wallet has easy to use interface, you can use it without any IT knowledge

Connect Today!

Download the wallet, unpack it and you are done!
No installation needed, only 30 seconds and your wallet is working.
Do you want to see the source code or modify it? Don't hesitate, you can download the source code from GitHub!

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Download Source Code

How It Works?

MicroCoin is a Proof-Of-Work concept cryptocurrency. Blocks are generated in five minutes interval. The block reward is 100 MCC and 5 accounts. Number of accounts are limited, so you can get an account when you mining it or you can buy it.

How can I mine MicroCoin?

You can mine it with the official MicroCoin miner application. The miner program is included in the dowloaded package.

Why MicroCoin better than others?

Because of the special technology MicroCoin can achieve a very high transaction bandwidth, so you can use it in the real world. We don't need the entire blockchain for the transactions.

Who created MicroCoin and When?

The first version was released in december of 2017 by Peter Nemeth. The genesis block generated at 22 december 2017.

Latest blocks

# Miner Reward kH/s Tr. Solved
86878 ProtoPool 100 MCC 257160796 10 2018.10.23 01:41:55
86877 ProtoPool 100 MCC 260601864 10 2018.10.23 01:33:52
86876 ProtoPool 100 MCC 261034319 10 2018.10.23 01:29:23
86875 ProtoPool 100 MCC 261717371 10 2018.10.23 01:27:07
86874 ProtoPool 100 MCC 267006342 10 2018.10.23 01:18:28
86873 ProtoPool 100 MCC 273880408 10 2018.10.23 01:11:07
86872 ProtoPool 100 MCC 264152727 10 2018.10.23 01:09:10
86871 ProtoPool 100 MCC 262590377 10 2018.10.23 01:05:21
86870 ProtoPool 100 MCC 263380752 10 2018.10.23 01:00:32
86869 ProtoPool 100 MCC 262297451 10 2018.10.23 00:59:41

Contact us

You can contact MicroCoin project development team at